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Website Design

Welcome to our website design questionaire!

The aim of this questionaire is to gather the information we need to build the best version of your website.

Some questions may seem redundant to you but we like to know as much as possible about you before we even put pencil to paper.

If you’re ready, click the button below and let’s get started!

    Business or Organization Name*

    When was your company started? Don’t worry about an exact date, but it is helpful to know if you have been in business 2 or 20 years.

    Describe what your company does, what product and/or service you want to promote through the website.

    Can you provide a brief history explaining key changes of direction, if any?

    For example if you started out doing one thing, and then moved into new markets.

    How many people are on your staff?

    What is your annual turnover?

    This is the quickest way to get an idea of the scale of your operation.

    What are the short and long term goals of the business?

    Try to keep this to one or two sentences.

    Who is your company’s target audience? *

    What would you like your customer base to look like? Is it simply more of the same or would you like to get more of a particular type of customer or client?

    What is your ideal patient or client?

    What is the website’s main purpose?

    What aspects of your current site work well and why?

    What aspects of your current site are unsuccessful and why?

    What Needs To Be Achieved...

    What needs to be achieved for you to consider the project a success?
    This could be a specific volume of sales or an increase in website traffic, or conversely, you may be looking to save money through efficiencies. What targets do you want to set?

    What are your company’s main assets? Why should people rely on your company’s services or products?

    If your competitors have websites, please list them below.

    What do you imagine people would want to do on your site?

    (Example: seeing the menu and prices of our restaurant; obtaining information about our products/services, finding out our locations, etc.)

    What image do you want to present?

    (Examples: conservative, avant-garde, trendy, intellectual, trust worthy, knowledgeable, relaxed, prosperous, corporate)

    Please list any special features you would like on your website. (payment portal, API integration, etc )

    Please indicate 3 websites that you like and tell us why and what you like for each example.

    Please indicate a minimum of 3 websites that you don’t like and tell me why and what you don’t like for each example.

    (This isn’t as crucial as the other questions, but it does help give a feel for what you are expecting.)

    Excellent content is the foundation for a good website,

    but images are what keep your customers flowing and clicking through your site. High quality images are a must at the onset of each web design project. If you plan on using stock photography, please attach a file with URLs to each image you would like to use.

    Do you have a tagline or slogan?

    Do you have an overall marketing strategy?

    If so, will you please provide us the Company’s marketing strategy?

    Are there any elements from your old design you’d like to see brought into the new design?

    Are there any elements that you definitely DO NOT want to see in the new design?

    Please provide a copy of your company’s logo in vector format (.eps or .ai).

    Please provide any Company Brand Book, color scheme specifications, etc.

    Please provide as many positive testimonials as possible from your satisfied customers.

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